• Susana Trimarco with Pope Francis. Susana Trimarco with Pope Francis.
  • Festival- Catamarca. Thousands said NO to human trafficking.Thousands said NO to human trafficking.
  • Inauguration. Daycare Center for the children of the victims of human traffickingDaycare Center for the children of the victims of human trafficking
  • Annual Reports. The Foundation María de los ÁngelesThe Foundation María de los Ángeles
  • Festival 12 years without Marita.
  • Río Gallegos said NO to human trafficking. Friday, October 11th, 2013.Friday, October 11th, 2013.
    Buenos Aires, Febrero 2014. La Fundación María de los Ángeles, presidida por Susana Trimarco, madre de Marita Verón, con el apoyo de la organización del festival Cosquín Rock, estará presente durante los 3 días de duración del evento. Acompañaremos el festival con stands donde se brindará información sobre el delito de trata de personas y su prevención, y en las pantallas gigantes del predio se verán spots con compañas contra la trata. Toda la actividad será acompañada por Susana Trimarco.
Constructing new life plans
One of the main responsibilities of our institution is to help all victims of human trafficking in the hope that they are able to move on from this horrible crime and become active members of society. To do this, we believe it is necessary to provide both victims and their family members with certain tools. For example, we provide free access to our team of lawyers, psychologists and social workers, as established by Law 26.364 (and its consequent amendment in December of 2012)
Everything you need to know about this crime
If you would like to know more about this crime, the methods of recruitment and subjugation used, as well as the ways to prevent it, where to file police reports, and even specific national and regional statistical information regarding its occurrence, here we have compiled studies, reports, and other documents that may help you to discover more about this topic.
For an informed society and a prepared State
Another important service that we carry out is that of offering preventive talks for a wide range of civil and educational institutions; for we consider these seminars a powerful way of stopping this crime. At the same time, we offer special conscious raising and training seminars for judicial functionaries and members of various security forces in order to insure that the traffickers responsible for this crime are pursued and prosecuted effectively.
International Organization Of Migrations
  Programa Nacional de Rescate
National Program for the Rescue and Assistance of Persons Affected by the Crime of Human Trafficking
Attorney's Office for the Fight Against the Trafficking and Exploitation of Persons
The Foundation's Journal
Our publication SOL & AZAHARES exists to spread the word on the work we do and to prevent this crime
  Sol y Azhares
Ed. 3- Apr. 2014
  Sol y Azhares
Ed. 2- Nov. 2008
  Sol y Azhares
Ed. 1- Dec. 2007
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